The Diversity Practice help clients create the right conditions to maximise difference, bridge boundaries and shift mind-sets to release unlimited possibilities for leaders, teams and organisations.

Over the past 20 years we have coached and facilitated hundreds of leaders from all over the world across a whole range of differences including gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, work style, religion & beliefs, and age to name a few of the dimensions.  We have now captured our practice in a new exciting framework, ‘Borderless Coaching’.

If ever there was a time for globally minded coaches with the capability to work with difference, it's now!

Send your CV and a letter of application to:

Following the development of the Borderless Coaching framework and in response to demand, we are training and increasing our team of 'Borderless' Executive Coaches and Facilitators.

Borderless Coaches are:

Experienced in coaching and facilitating on aspects of diversity, personal and team development across a range of clients

Equipped with a rich knowledge of diversity, inclusion, organisational development, and leadership

Experienced working in the corporate sector at senior executive levels

Qualified and accredited Coaches – with International Coach Federation or equivalent

Based in Europe – at the moment our face-to-face coaching requirements are in Europe, though this is likely to widen as we expand our work

Great team members who bring ideas, learning, enthusiasm, flexibility, professionalism and fun!


…is our high impact, transformational, inclusive coaching approach. It's designed to intentionally coach the whole person to unlock the hidden element of difference – what we call the missing 30% – so that leaders can more powerfully maximise their impact. It builds on traditional training by taking the practice of experienced coaches to the next level, equipping them with the knowledge. skills and behaviours required to work powerfully with the dynamics of difference. We use Borderless Coaching to support organisations develop inclusive leaders, and we design and deliver development programmes for in-house and external coaches seeking to deepen and extend their professional practice. Our programme is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.

To apply to join our expanding, dynamic team of Borderless Coaches please send your CV and a letter outlining “Why Borderless Coaching is Important” to For further information, please visit